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How Razer Encourages Gamers to Nurture a Greener Mindset

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Razer Seiren V2 Pro

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May 2, 2022
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Razer, an American-Singaporean multinational gaming hardware company is creating a sustainable future by building their company with inclusivity and solidarity.

On their Sustainability page, users can find an overview of their four initiatives: Green Organization, Green Products, Green Community, and Green Investments

Razer’s Sustainability Overview page

A feedback form is also included on the page for users to suggest other green initiatives Razer could work on.

Razer’s Sustainability initiatives and feedback form

Razer’s Green Organization page features bespoke imagery such as their headquarters and summarizes how they are making their offices more sustainable to reduce their global carbon footprint. In the Renewable Energy and Carbon Neutrality sections, Razer pledges to transfer their entire operations to 100% renewable energy to power all their global offices by 2025 and become a 100% carbon neutral company by 2030.

Razer’s Green Organization page

On their Green Products page, Razer encourages users to recycle and offer specific locations for users to return their old Razer products for free-of-charge recycling. They also outline their plans for responsible design and manufacturing. Razer commits 100% of their products will use recycled or recyclable materials by 2030. Additional information can be found linked in the dropdown menu. 

Razer’s Green Products page

Sneki Snek, Razer’s sustainability mascot, is featured on their Green Community page. For every Sneki Snek eco-merchandise sold, Razer contributes to Conservation International to save 10 trees. Users are encouraged to learn more about Sneki Snek and Razer’s partnership with Conservation International as well as their Community Program

Razer’s Green Community page

Their Community Program makes sustainability rewarding for users. The page features a monthly task for users to complete. Upon completion, users can earn Razer currency and swag. Images of the rewards are shown for users to encourage them to participate.

Razer’s Community Program page

Razer reinforces their sustainability vision by providing users additional transparency on their Green Investments and Reports and Resources pages. Users can watch a video about Razer’s partnership with Clearbot, an AI-powered marine trash-collecting drone as well as learn more about Razer’s other environment and sustainability investments. 

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Razer's Instagram