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How Ruggable Showcases Their Innovative Technology on Their Website

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Architectural Digest Nisa Ink Black Rug

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Ruggable, a DTC machine-washable rug company, uses their website to educate customers about how to use and wash their rugs, build credibility through social proof, and encourage conversion. 

Ruggable's homepage storytelling modules

Throughout the homepage, Ruggable reinforces what sets their products apart from traditional rugs; their stain resistance, durability, non-slip pad, and the convenience of machine-washability. 

Ruggable's recently viewed personalization module for returning customers

If a customer returns to the homepage, Ruggable features a personalized module surfacing the recently viewed products from the customer’s last session on the site.

Knowing that machine washable rugs are relatively new to the rug market, Ruggable provides ample social proof through UGC and reviews to instill confidence in the customer’s purchase.

Ruggable's PDP

Their product detail page is a one-stop shop to learn everything the customer needs to know before buying the rug. Knowing that selecting the right size is crucial, they provide comprehensive sizing information to help customers choose the perfect dimensions for their space.

Rug pad educational content

Ruggable provides ample education throughout the PDP about the importance of rug pads and how they can enhance the longevity and comfort of a Ruggable rug. They offer two key rug pad thicknesses depending on whether the area has high foot traffic. The rug thickness selections are displayed at the top of the PDP and explained further in the ‘See the Difference’ pop-up up which compares the pads side by side with a list of features. 

Knowing that customers sometimes buy multiple rugs to change throughout the seasons, Ruggable offers an option to omit the rug pad from the purchase in case the customer already has one.

Rug cover thickness educational content on the PDP

Similar to the rug pads, the rugs also come in two different thicknesses. The PDP clearly outlines the difference between the flat-woven and tufted rugs in a pop-up that is triggered from the top of the page near the thickness selector.

Ruggable's how it works and FAQ modules on the PDP

To build further credibility, Ruggable outlines how their rugs work, their key value props, and top FAQs to explain common questions from customers.

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