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How This Cult Dessert Brand Turns Their Customers Into Lifetime Members

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Milk Bar, the Manhattan-based based dessert company known for their familiar yet unexpected desserts, keeps their customers engaged through their Loyalty Program.

Loyalty page for customers that have not signed up yet

Their rewards program features a promotional landing page which explains how the program works, outlines the rewards, and encourages sign up. Once a customer has become a member of the loyalty program, they can immediately start earning points ($1 spent = 1 point). 

The loyalty program allows customers to add in birthday contacts.

Knowing that gifting is at the core of Milk Bar’s business, they offer ways to celebrate yourself and your loved ones’ birthdays. The company gifts a present to you on your birthday. They also allow you to save your loved one’s birthdays so they can send a reminder to send them treats as well.

Milk Bar gamifies earning loyalty points through an interactive game.

They provide other interactive incentives by offering a Milk Bar themed matching game that customers can play to receive loyalty points.

Rewards that customers can redeem though the loyalty program.

They clearly outline how many points you need for each reward, for example 275 points gets you a branded Milk Bar themed beanie.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of milkbar.com