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Include More Model Diversity and Increase Sales with This Shopping Feature

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Fabletics, a popular athleticwear company, solves one of the age-old questions when purchasing online: what will this look like on someone like me? 

While browsing different articles of clothing and outfits, on most product detail pages Fabletics offers potential customers the opportunity to see how a specific piece fits on other sizes.

Browsers are able to select different models with a wide range of sizes and body types, helping alleviate the potential barrier of not knowing if a certain style will look good on your body type. 

Fabletics' product detail page highlights the option to filter between different model sizes.

While photo reviews are another place shoppers will often look for this information, Fabletics takes the initiative to address this upfront, making it clear and easy to see how a piece of clothing may look on a potential customer.

In addition to letting customers see how an outfit fits on other models, Fabletics also sources UGC for their product detail pages using the hashtag #MyFabletics, allowing customers to see how influencers or other real-life customers look in and style their pieces.

Shoppers can also view user-generated content to see how pieces look on real customers.

Fabletics then also ensures it’s easy to purchase the items featured, so customers can take their style inspiration and recreate the look they like. This no doubt helps Fabletics drive purchases and increase average order value, as they are tying the inspiration process and shopping process together.

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