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Italic Wants Your Help with New Products

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Blackstone Cast Iron Dutch Oven

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Purveyor of home goods and fashion, Italic provides customers the unique ability to request products for Italic to source using their relationships with manufacturers of high-quality consumer goods.

Leveraging an Airtable form, Italic commits to “add [your product request] to our weekly team-wide meeting for consideration,” giving users confidence that Italic’s team of product experts will review their request.

Heading for Italic's Product Request Form
Italic's Searchable Department List for Product Requests

Users are presented with an open field to enter their favorite brands for the product they are requesting.

The top of our filled out product request form

Upon submission, Italic thanks the user for their product request. If the Italic product team decides to move forward with a user’s product recommendation, they “may reach out for future sampling or beta testing!”

Italic's Product Request Submission Success Message

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Thumbnail image courtesy italic.com