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Jolie's Website Reveals Their Beauty & Wellness Secret: Clean Water is the First Step in Any Routine

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The Filtered Showerhead

$148 (with filter subscription)
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Jolie Skin Co. is a beauty personal care brand that sells a shower head with a proprietary filter that removes harmful impurities in water such as chlorine and heavy metals. They use their website to educate customers about clean water & its benefits for skin and hair and feature glowing customer reviews & user-generated content to highlight the product’s effectiveness.

Jolie Skin Co.'s homepage

On the product detail page, Jolie leads with their risk-free return policy so that customers feel confident in trying out the product. To validate the product, they show their numerous 5-star reviews above a fold and include a badge on the product photo that shows that it has received a Grooming Mens Health Award. 

The product currently comes in three different finishes to match any decor that the customer can see above the fold. The default purchase option that is selected is the subscription, where they send you a new filter every 3 months (the recommended amount of time to use the filter before changing it).

Jolie Skin Co.'s product detail page and product info accordions

In the product detail section, educational accordions provide the customer with answers to any questions they may have about the product including a brief overview of the technology and research behind the filter. They list out what the customer receives in their order which includes everything from their “Tiny but Mighty” wrench for easy installation to a letter from the founders that shows their consideration for their customer. 

They also use this section to talk about sustainability considerations in their product and packaging.

Jolie Skin Co.'s reviews

Media highlights from editorial sites like Byrdie and customer reviews further instill confidence in their best-in-class product. In the customer reviews section, Jolie shows the aggregate reviews and states that 100% of reviewers would recommend the product to a friend. Customers can filter reviews by Age, Skin Issues and Hair Issues, making the reviews feel relatable to all different groups of people.

Jolie Skin Co.'s interview series "Shower Thoughts"

Beyond the product, Jolie’s website engages and activates their community with a balance of informational and fun content. To further educate their customers on all things water, the Water Glossary page lists out all of the chemicals that can be found in water with descriptions of what the chemical is, where it can be found, and how it is harmful.

With their new interview series “Shower Thoughts”, Jolie creates a connection between the company and its customer base by spotlighting people outside of the beauty industry and getting their thoughts on wellness, routine, and water.

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