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Jones Road Beauty Takes The Guessing Work Out Of Choosing The Right Makeup Products

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Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

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Jones Road Beauty is on a mission to create clean, simple, and functional beauty products that work with any skin type and tone. As they continue to perfect the “no-makeup makeup” look with their light-reflecting must-have product Miracle Balm, they’ve also perfected educating about the product’s use through their product page.

On Miracle Balm’s product detail page, the customer can quickly learn about the makeup through the 'Product Description' and 'How to Use' sections. The 'Pair With' section shows the customer what other beauty tools and products are recommended to use with Miracle Balm.

Miracle Balm PDP shares product knowledge including FAQs, ingredients, and “Pair With” items 

Further down the page customer reviews, additional tips, and tutorial videos by Jones Road Beauty experts help increase the customer's confidence when purchasing. 

Customer reviews and tips from Founder Bobbie Brown

Clearly showing how each color will look on different skin tones is key to helping the customer choose their best shade of Miracle Balm. For each color-way, Jones Road shows the product on various skin tones to help the customer discover what shade is right for them.

The Best Sellers page shows color options and the PDP shows each color on different skin tones

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