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Keep Calm and Travel On with Calpak’s Interactive Website

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Haven Laptop Tote Bag

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Calpak is a pioneer in the travel industry, offering a diverse array of travel products, including luggage, backpacks, and accessories. Their website serves as a valuable resource for customers seeking premium quality travel gear, with educational content and livestreams to elevate the shopping experience! 

Product detail pages of best-selling items are linked from the homepage

The product detail pages outlines a breakdown of the bag’s ergonomic features, which include videos and in-depth product descriptions that demonstrate the items in action. A sticky “Pairs Well With”’ button is located at the bottom of the product detail page to provide a cross-sell opportunity to increase the customers average order value (AOV). 

Calpak’s “Live Shopping” Stream

Powered by BamBuser, Calpak hosts a "Live Shopping" stream on their website, including product demonstrations and offering exclusive deals that are only accessible for customers that join the live session. This feature helps to increase conversion rates and nurtures brand loyalty. With the guidance of Calpak experts, viewers can get their questions answered by a customer service representative.

Calpak’s “Discover” Landing Page

Calpak’s “Discover” page tells consumers about the company's founding story through an interactive timeline. To build credibility, Calpak highlights press articles promoting best-selling products. The Discover page also spotlights a “Community Gallery” to encourage their customers to tag, review, and share their Calpak purchases!

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Photo Courtesy of Calpak