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Listening To Your Customers: How Jones Road Turned Customer Feedback Into Their Latest Product Launch

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Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

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Jones Road, a beauty brand that makes strategic, high-grade formulations that work on every skin type and tone, generated hype for their new product launch, What The Foundation

The week before launch, Jones Road teased the upcoming release on their social channels to encourage customers to sign up and be notified about the new product drop. 

Upon signing up, an email is sent with an intentionally blurred image in the hero and a headline about how their ‘most requested product is finally here’. 

For a DTC skincare brand, matching shades is one of the most challenging differences between the in-store and online experience. Jones Road embraced this by creating a shade finder quiz with the sole purpose of getting their customers the perfect foundation match for their skin color.

Jones Road Shade Finder Quiz

The quiz begins by asking customers to select a model with the skintone closest to theirs. To ensure they get it right, they narrow this down even further with a selection of photos that most closely resemble the previously chosen shade..

Jones Road Shade Finder Quiz

They then collect the customer’s skin type and skin concerns to ensure that the product is able to address all of their needs.

Jones Road's Shade Finder Quiz Results

Once users finish the quiz, they can opt to have their personalized recommendations emailed to them, or they can skip and see their results on the web. The quiz doesn’t end their opportunity for new product discovery there; they also present a suite of products that are shade-based, including concealer.

Jones Road Beauty’s IG story the day of their new product launch.

To continue teaching customers about the benefits and application of the product, they dedicated their Instagram Stories on launch day to information about its effectiveness.

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