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Look Good and Feel Good with Everlane’s Emails

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Everlane: The Track Half-Zip

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Everlane is a sustainable clothing brand that consciously considers their materials and production partners to create high-quality, long-lasting products. They send emails to highlight new pieces, communicate seasonal sales and grand opening of locations. 

Everlane encourages customers to sign up for their emails with an incentive of 10% off their first order. This is promoted through an email pop-up, in the promotion bar, and in the footer.

Everlane promotes 10% off first order in promotion bar, pop-up, and footer.

Their emails consistently use large imagery, witty headlines, and clear call to action. With every email, they include messaging about how their clothes are made of high-quality materials that are carefully sourced. 

A promotional email of their ReCashmere collection that uses recycled cashmere.

They encourage their customers to shop for durable, essential pieces that can mix and match with clothes they already have. Everlane educates customers on how to style the clothing through messaging and images for context  – making every email valuable to the customer whether they choose to shop or not. 

Everlane promotes their seasonal clothes with ways to layer with essentials.

With celebratory emails, they incorporate more color and graphics into their emails. They continue to tie in sustainability with their sales. This year’s holiday campaign is about gifting better – better material, better quality, and better for the planet. They’ve creatively designed snowflakes using their sustainability icons.

Everlane’s 2022 Holiday Emails

Everlane started as an e-commerce store and slowly began opening a few brick-and-mortar locations. When they do open new store locations, it’s quite consequential and so they send emails with beautiful graphics in celebration of new locations. 

Everlane celebrates the second DC location in email.

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