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Lovevery’s Product Pages Get You Familiar With Every Little Detail

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The Inspector Play Kit (7-8 months)

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$20 off onboarding discount

Lovevery is a company that creates sustainable and organic stage-based play essentials made for children’s developing brains. Their most popular offering - the Play Kits - are toy boxes that include a selection of thoughtfully made toys that are offered as a subscription. Every two months, the company sends toys and objects suited for a child’s specific stage of development. 

Lovevery’s toys come at a premium price,, but their product detail page gives insight into the expert research and development-focused tips that don’t usually come with a toy purchase. 

Each product detail page tells you why the selected play kit is beneficial to the stage of development it was created for

The PDP includes a video that describes the whats and the whys of each item in detail, carefully explaining how toys can be used. This is exciting for parents who can identify with the milestones mentioned, and also gets them looking forward to the milestones to come.

The ‘For Parents’ tab shows an instructional booklet, or Play Guide, which speaks to parents and caretakers (the real decision-makers of the product!), giving a nod of reassurance and instruction to the ones who will be putting in the playtime hours. 

On desktop, the PDP lets you look inside each subscription box with a photo of each toy so customers know exactly what they’ll receive.

The desktop page gives you a peek inside the box to view every item that will be included

The product page also has an easy-to-view navigation that gives the opportunity to scroll to view the previous and upcoming play kits so you can see each kit for the different stages of your babies’ life.

Babies love playing with new toys and activities, and Lovevery’s expert research and tips give parents confidence with each extra thought knowing that supporting brain development is at the forefront.

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