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Magic Spoon Unlocked The Key to Increasing AOV: Build-Your-Own Bundles

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Custom Cereal Bundle

4 boxes
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For years cereal has had a reputation for being relatively unhealthy. But direct-to-consumer cereal business Magic Spoon aims to change that. Magic Spoon offers a wide variety of traditional cereal flavors with a protein-packed punch. 

With a large array of flavors, the custom bundle option ensures customers get the cereal flavors they want, and only the cereal flavors they want. Customers can select the custom bundle option under the flavors of the singular product detail page. 

The product detail page as a customer builds your bundle

Once customers select “custom bundle,” you’re able to choose four boxes of any flavor combinations you want. Magic spoon highlights their “100% happiness guaranteed” brand promise to minimize the barrier to purchase and to assure customers that if they don’t like it, there are options for them to get their money back. 

Magic Spoon's Mini Cart

As you’re selecting flavors to fill your bundle, you can see your flavors populating and your box count adding up. You can select multiple quantities of the same flavor, or mix-and-match between all the flavors.

Finally, when you’re ready to check out, Magic Spoon offers the customer one final confirmation of the flavors they added by showing them their flavors under the custom bundled product in the cart. They also offer recommended add-on products in the cart to increase their AOV.

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Photo credit courtesy of magicspoon.com