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Meeting Customers Where They Are: How Versed Skincare builds brand loyalty through customer service

What We Bought

Versed Dew Point Moisturizing Gel-Cream

2 fl. oz.
Date Purchased:
July 5, 2021
Coupons Used:

Translating the brick and mortar experience online is challenging for ecommerce businesses, but there is a huge opportunity to bring the in-person experience online. For a business like Versed Skincare, a clean skincare company, whose audience skews towards GenZ and Millennials, reaching customers where they are is critical when building brand loyalty.

Instagram Direct Message customer service messages

We reached out to Versed asking for help to replace a non-clean beauty skincare staple with a clean product and they responded within 24 hours with a product suggestion. They also shared how the products key ingredients, green tea extra and aloe, helped to boost antioxidants, keeping the skin hydrated without feeling oily.  

After trying the product every day for a month, the suggestion was perfect based on the skin concerns that we shared.

Instagram Direct Message customer service messages offering free care package

The best part? Versed thanked us for being a part of their community and sent a small care package with free goodies.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of Versed.com