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Miracle Balm 101: Jones Road Beauty’s Strategies To Showcase Their Must-Have Product

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Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm

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Jones Road, a clean, cruelty-free beauty brand founded by renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown, uses Instagram and TikTok to showcase their perfectly versatile star product Miracle Balm.

With the growing trend of multi-purpose makeup, leveraging social media to demonstrate how to use a product is key in helping increase a customer’s confidence when purchasing. Jones Road features their beauty experts on TikTok, including Bobbi Brown herself, showcasing Miracle Balm by comparing the different shades, demonstrating different ways to use the product, and tips on how to apply.

TikTok shows product texture up close, compares the different shades, and features owner Bobbi Brown

Jones Road dedicates an Instagram highlight reel entitled “Miracle Balm 101” for further education on their most popular product. They regularly post about the product, featuring the different color options, new color drops, and colors back in stock. 

Instagram story highlight dedicated to Miracle Balm and posts sharing different shades and product updates

Once the customer has decided on their color, they can easily navigate to the website product page directly through Jones Road’s Instagram shop. 

Jones Road’s Instagram shop leads directly to their website product page

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Photo Courtesy of Jones Road