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Olly's Sweet Approach to Boosting Cart AOV

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Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummies

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Olly specializes in producing vitamin gummies that cater to a wide range of health benefits, such as enhancing hair health, promoting stomach well-being, boosting mood, strengthening immunity, and more. They leverage their cart and checkout to entice customers with free shipping incentives, offer flexible subscription options, and strategically present relevant upsells to boost their AOV.

Olly's mini cart

Leveraging Rebuy, Olly’s smart cart incentivizes customers to add more products with a free shipping bar that congratulates a customer when they hit the free shipping threshold. 

Olly's Rebuy subscription upsell implementation in their mini cart

When a one-time purchase is added to the cart, there is a subscription upsell that appears right below the product. When clicked, the button transforms into a subscription frequency selector, offering customers a convenient way to customize their subscription preferences.

To further increase the AOV, Olly strategically surfaces relevant upsell and cross-sell opportunities within the mini cart. This encompasses products that can be added either as one-time purchases or as part of a subscription. Additionally, customers can easily modify their order size by utilizing the "options" button, which triggers a pop-up window displaying various quantity options per jar.

Olly's upsells in checkout

They have also integrated an additional Rebuy upsell module into the checkout process. This module captures customers' attention before they finalize their purchase, providing one last chance to entice them with complementary products.

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