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Order Up! HexClad’s Sizzling Email Content is Hot Off the Pan

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12" HexClad Hybrid Pan

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30% Off with Newsletter & SMS Subscription

The high-end cookware line, HexClad, is best known for its unique cookware that fuses stainless steel and non-stick coating technology. A key ingredient in keeping their customers engaged is their welcome series and post-purchase emails.

Image Courtesy of HexClad Email

After signing up for both email and SMS, customers receive an email with a one-time-link for 30% off the entire site. Using a discount as an incentive for enrolling in email and SMS is an effective way in driving conversion rates up and for growing an email list. HexClad not only provides the exclusive discount link to shop in the email, they also feature upsells and brand attributes to help drive the customer to purchase. 

Image Courtesy of HexClad Email

HexClad’s post purchase email series “HexHax” is a series that highlights featured products, recipes, and hacks using their cookware. One way to keep customers engaged is by including seasonally relevant content and providing exclusive offers only available by subscribing. Using this approach in a post-purchase email can help increase the returning customer rate.

Image Courtesy of HexClad Email

HexClad promotes celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s approval of their products in this email series. By sharing the story behind how Ramsay came to discover HexClad and his personal review of their products, HexClad seals the deal on brand credibility and authenticity. 

Image Courtesy of HexClad Email

After a customers’ first purchase, they receive an email with exclusive access to HexClad’s Facebook group titled  “Cooking with HexClad”. This group connects customers with Michelin Star chefs and other customers to share cooking tips, inspiration and more. This email series is successful at offering exclusivity to the experience and is seen as a value-add to the original purchase. 

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Image Courtesy of HexClad Website