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Parachute Home Guides Customers Through Their Journey to a Cozy Home

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Parachute Home Percale Duvet Cover Set

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Parachute Home provides premium home essentials, including bedding, towels, robes, furniture, and decor. Their website educates the customers on their products and guides them through the buying process with a thoughtful navigation and page layout.

To direct customers throughout the site, Parachute Home displays all product categories clearly in their navigation and organizes their subcategories in a dropdown navigation.

Parachute's Navigation

Parachute Home’s homepage provides customers with the option to shop different collections, including product category, material, and new arrivals. Customers can then choose their preferred way to shop and continue to educate themselves on their products.

Parachute's Homepage Collections

Parachute features reviews on their homepage and PDPs, confirming the brand's credibility and the premium quality of their products. They feature a review module on their homepage that showcases an image of the product in the review so customers can see the product in action.

Parachute's Reviews

Knowing that purchasing premium home essentials is an investment, Parachute Home ensures their customers feel comfortable with their purchase through their blog content. Their blog features educational articles from how-to’s to design advice on your home. Parachute Home offers complimentary design services if a customer needs to dive deeper into design advice or product information.

Parachute's Blog

Along with being a premium brand, Parachute Home prides themselves on being sustainable. Their sustainability page dives deeper into their certifications, material standards, DE&I, manufacturing, and carbon offset projects. They provide transparency to their customers on these topics by outlining their goals clearly at the bottom of the page.

Parachute's Sustainability Page

They also feature their sustainability commitment above their footer on every page.

Parachute's Sustainability Commitments

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