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This Subtle PDP Feature Makes a Big Difference for This Underwear Brand

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MeUndies is famous for its unique collection of underwear and swimwear with bold and exotic prints. But the brand is also known for highlighting diversity in its models and sizing. This is clearly demonstrated in the unique size charts it lists for different products. 

MeUndies introduces unique size guides on product detail pages based on the product a customer is viewing, so they get a better idea of how to measure for each specific product. 

For products like sports bras or bralettes, the MeUndies size chart includes bust measurements, but also lists the standard bra sizing usually associated with that measurement.

The swimsuit-specific size chart.

In addition to highlighting unique body measurements depending on the product, the MeUndies size guide includes a fit guide, helping prospective customers understand if a product potentially runs small, large, or true to size.

In an industry where sizing can vary even within the same brand, the detailed size guide based on product type helps prospective customers get the correct measurements for the item they’re browsing.

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