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Prose’s Product Picker Quiz is the Like Having a Hair Guru on Your Phone

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Custom Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask

8.5 fl oz
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Prose, a personalized and all-natural hair care company, uses an in-depth product picker quiz to determine a unique formula for each customer’s hair routine. 

The quiz has over thirty questions which are broken down into four categories — hair and scalp, treatments, lifestyle, and preferences and goals. The progress bar at the top reflects these categories, making it easier for a user to know where they are in the quiz.

The beginning of the product picker quiz 

The quiz begins by collecting basic information about hair type and hair care needs. It also asks questions about factors that affect hair health like diet, environment, and physical activity. The tooltips at the bottom clarify questions by providing images for you to compare with your own hair. Sometimes these tooltips include more information about why a question about stress levels might determine your hair’s strength.

Tooltips at the bottom of each question expand to provide more information.

While the quiz does most of the work to calculate your formula for you, the one aspect of your products you can control is fragrance. In one of the last questions, you are invited to select a personal scent. 

The quiz ends with an animation that feels like a real time calculation and reveals your customized products and an overview of the hair concerns these formulas address. 

The results of the product picker quiz

This quiz not only captures information like your email, but also saves your results so you can always return to the quiz and view your selected products, which adds an additional level of personalization.

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