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Reformation Weaves Sustainability and Transparency Throughout Their Website

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Reformation Farrah Ecomove Active Dress

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Reformation is a DTC apparel brand that’s well-known for their sustainable approach toward fashion.

Reformation’s Sustainability Landing Page

Their website includes a Sustainability landing page that outlines their eco-conscious practices regarding fabric, material chemistry, and chain of supply. The page also educates users on clothing waste and why environmentally friendly fashion is so important. 

Reformation also spotlights their RefRecycling program, where consumers can send in their old Reformation purchases to be reworked into new products, Similarly, their Ref Vintage program allows shoppers to browse pre-curated vintage drops at Reformation’s physical stores.

Reformation’s RefScale

RefScale is Reformation’s online calculator that tracks the carbon and water footprints of their products, in comparison to other clothing purchased in the United States. These impact statistics are shown on the order confirmation page for consumers to know how much they’re helping the environment with each purchase. 

Reformation’s Sustainability Report emails

Reformation sends out quarterly and yearly Sustainability Reports through email and on their website. These impact reports break down their progress toward becoming 100% circular, as well as what initiatives they’ve taken to reduce carbon emissions across all steps of their production cycle and increase community awareness on sustainability matters.

Reformation’s packaging

Reformation’s packaging are bags made of recycled LDPE (low-density polyethylene) and with a biodegradable polymer that allows it to break down in landfills. They also offer free carbon-neutral shipping on all purchases. Details are included on the packaging, plastic wrap, and clothing tags about how they were sustainably made.

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