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Royal Canin’s Website Supports Pet Owners In Caring For Pets With Health Issues

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Royal Canin Urinary Care Dry Cat Food

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Royal Canin is a global pet food company that creates breed-specific and health-specific nutrition for dogs and cats. They conduct scientific research to create tailored diets for pets with specific needs.

Royal Canin’s website guides pet owners to find the best diet for their pet’s health needs. On the homepage, customers learn the effectiveness of Royal Canin’s pet food and the benefits of shopping directly with Royal Canin. They offer benefits such as 5% off every auto-ship subscription order, free shipping, and expert feeding advice and support. 

Royal Canin’s homepage

On their product listing page, Royal Canin promotes product discovery through a robust filter which helps customers find products based on their pet breed and health issues.

Filtering on Royal Canin’s product listing page

To uphold their value proposition of science-backed products, Royal Canin's product detail page offers in-depth product information such as an ingredients list, feeding guide, guaranteed analysis, and calorie content. Royal Canin added a sticky ‘add to cart’ button on the PDP to help customers purchase easily especially with a long content-rich page.

Accordions in Royal Canin’s product detail page

Taking care of pets with health issues can be overwhelming, but Royal Canin's loyalty program provides nutritional recommendations and expert feeding advice. 

Benefits of Royal Canin Club on the product detail page

The in-depth reviews on the product pages are beneficial in knowing how long the person has fed their pet the product, who they are, where they’ve purchased, and the type of breed they have. This reassures pet owners who are dealing with pet health issues that the food is effective.

Royal Canin’s reviews on product detail page

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