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Shop, Earn, Repeat: The Brilliance of Alo's VIP Customer Loyalty Program

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Alo High Waist Pursuit Trouser

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In the competitive athleisure space of DTC eCommerce, Alo’s VIP loyalty program defines the brand as a leader in long-term customer engagement and retention. Members earn points for every dollar spent, redeemable for special rewards, discounts, or early product access. 

Alo features its rewards program directly beneath products in the cart, including the rewards customers are immediately eligible to receive. After a customer is signed into the app, they can add these free products to their cart by clicking the “Get Reward” button in the rewards section of their cart. 

As customers earn more rewards they are visually reminded of the perks waiting for them at higher levels in their customer dashboard. A progress bar indicates their current rewards level and how many points they need to earn the next level.

ALO Cart and Loyalty dashboard

Customers are reminded of their points balance in the upper right side of the navigation bar.

ALO website and VIP points balance display

More perks are added to the customer's loyalty account when they unlock to a higher tier. The customer dashboard displays a visual journey through each level from VIP to A-List and finally All Access at the highest tier. 

At the start, VIP members gain access to new releases and limited editions ahead of other customers. At the A-List level customers receive free 2-day U.S. shipping on every purchase promoting frequent, hassle-free purchases. 

ALO VIP Loyalty Program landing page

At the conclusion of the loyalty program journey displayed in the customer dashboard, customers see that they’ll receive special invites to exclusive events and personalized concierge services as an All Access member.

ALO VIP Loyalty Program comparison chart

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Photos courtesy of ALO.