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Sip, Slurp, Shop: immi's Dynamic Email Approach to Engaging Ramen Enthusiasts

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immi Variety Pack Vol. 1

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Health-conscious ramen brand immi utilizes vibrant, branded emails to engage subscribers about the many creative ways to customize and enjoy their product. 

immi's Welcome Email

Upon first visiting the site, customers are incentivized to sign up for immi’s email list via a newsletter pop-up. They are also entered into a giveaway for a one-year supply of immi ramen.

immi’s Browse Abandonment Email 

The Shop in Email feature in immi’s new subscriber and abandonment flows enables customers to select and add products to their cart, reducing the clicks needed for checkout and streamlining the process within their email browser. After adding a product to their cart, customers can use the checkout CTA to go directly to checkout on the Immi website. 

Post-Purchase Emails

After a customer purchases from immi, their post-purchase email flow encourages customers to experiment with ramen with toppings and recipes, fostering a dynamic culinary experience.  

immi sends customers a reorder reminder

Several weeks after a one-time purchase when customers may be reaching the end of their ramen supply, immi strategically reaches out to prompt reorders. These emails emphasize the key reasons to buy immi ramen, including the benefits of subscribing.

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