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Starting a Plant Family Made Easy with Bloomscape Emails

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Pink Aglaonema Collection - Terracotta

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Bloomscape, a direct-to-consumer plant delivery business, guides their customers to becoming new plant parents through their welcome series. They provide guidance on being a better parent plant and share plant parenting tips and advice from their Bloomscape plant experts.

Welcome to the plant family email

In Bloomscape's third email is a step-by-step guide that teaches customers how to find the best condition in their house for their plant, as well as how to water, mist, dust, fertilize, and prune their plant. There are also promotions in the email for customers to shop accessories and equipment that help take their plant care to the next level. Bloomscape’s emails help remind customers when to water their plants, which the company also uses as an opportunity to promote Vera by Bloomscape, their plant care app.

A step-by-step to take care of your new plant

Further into the welcome series, customers are introduced to Joyce, the official Bloomscape “Plant Mom” with 40 years of experience in the greenhouse game and her team of Grow-How experts. Customers are prompted to ask their questions to “Plant Mom” and her team to provide 1:1 guidance on how to raise a plant. Bloomscape also addresses three common issues made by new plant parents and pro tips to fix those.

“Plant Mom” is here to help you become a good plant parent

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