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Supergoop’s Educational Emails Have Customers Coming Back for More

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It’s common for customers to disengage after the sale. Ecommerce companies have always played with various techniques for capturing another sale after the first purchase. Like giving a promotional incentive to review the product they bought, or sharing related products to their recent purchase. Supergoop!, an innovative sunscreen company, takes an educational approach. 

Emails highlighting product and bundle spotlights for different use cases

Instead of directly encouraging the repeat purchase, Supergoop! shares additional educational emails. They give customers more information about how to get the most out of their product,  through complementary product recommendations.  Their engaging campaigns range from offering the perfect sun care routine to comparing and contrasting their products to help customers find the perfect SPF for them. 

For example, their “SPF VIPS” campaign encourages customers to come back for more by providing them with education about all the places they should be applying sunscreen. The lips, the nose, and especially the hair part are places that many overlook when buying SPF products, making this the perfect opportunity to drive customers back to the site to purchase additional sunscreen products.

"SPF Vips," "Sun 101" and "Best Skin Ever" emails highlight product & SPF education

Their “Sun 101” email dives deeper into the distinction between mineral versus chemical SPF. Through an easy-to-read Venn-diagram, highlighting different use cases and skins types for each, customers are guided back to the site to make another purchase. 

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