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Sustainably Delivered: How Seed Creates Surprise & Delight For Customers Through Their Unboxing

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Seed DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic

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Seed probiotics reinforce their sustainability with their thoughtful and eco-conscious packaging, solidifying that sustainability is at the core of their brand. 

Through Seed’s subscription model, the customer receives a 1 month supply (60 capsules) delivered in a reusable glass canister. As a bonus, Seed provides a convenient travel vial so customers are never without their probiotics. Each subsequent order arrives in compostable biofilm so you can transfer the capsules to the reusable ones.

Seed's unboxing experience

Seed provides a helpful booklet in their initial packaging that breaks down the transition period that their customers need to ease into when taking the products. Their shipping box and paper booklet are made out of biodegradable algae paper, keeping algae out of the water that would otherwise damage fragile marine ecosystems.

Sustainability information on Seed's product detail page.

Their bio-based tray (what the two bottles come in) is made of renewable ingredients including starch, natural fibers, and water, and produced energy efficiently. This is fully recyclable and home compostable. 

Their product detail page also educates customers on the fact that their packaging is dissolvable in water to reduce waste.

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