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The Art of Collaboration Promotion With Ruggable

What We Bought

Architectural Digest Nisa Ink Black Rug

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Ruggable, a DTC machine-washable rug company, uses their website to promote new collaborations and tell the story behind the design of the products within that collection. 

Ruggable's collaborations navigation and collection listing page

For their recent collaboration with Architectural Digest, they showcased the expertly curated collection on the homepage, collection listing template, and product detail page. They also featured the collaboration in the navigation under their Collaborations tab, where they highlight the recognizable logos of all of their collaborators

Collection Listing Page

They enhanced their regular product listing page with a description of the collaboration and multiple storytelling moments throughout the product grid. This includes quotes from the designers and lifestyle images of the rugs.

Architectural Digest Collaboration PDP

On the product detail page, the collection is highlighted with an ‘AD’ logo on the hero image and there is a dedicated module about the designer of the rug lower on the page. 

At the bottom of the PDP, they promote other products within the AD collection for customers who may be interested in another product from the collaboration.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Ruggable