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The Secret Ingredient Behind Lemme's Success: Empowering Wellness Education Through Social Media

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Lemme, a gummy brand co-founded by the reality TV star and wellness enthusiast Kourtney Kardashian, is setting new standards for an engaging social presence to build a loyal audience. Lemme effectively leverages their social channels to announce products, promote educational content, spotlight ingredients. They also use Kourtney, the founder of the wellness publication, Poosh, to grow their audience and bring credibility to the brand.

Lemme's collection Instagram launch post

One of the key aspects of Lemme's successful social presence is their ability to create excitement and anticipation when launching new products. For each launch, Lemme leverages their TikTok and Instagram to announce the product, highlight it’s effective ingredients, show Kourtney with the product, and spotlight it’s key benefits.

Lemme's collection launch Instagram Story

For their most recent launch for Lemme Glow, Lemme highlighted how this new product was derived from customer feedback showing how important their community is to their product development process.

Lemme VIP and FAQ Instagram Stories

Educational tips and facts are sprinkled throughout their feed and Instagram Highlights to encourage their community to make a commitment to a healthier lifestyle through wellness and nutrition. The company frequently shares informative content about the benefits of different vitamins and supplements, often backed by scientific research. This aligns with their founder Kourtney’s wellness magazine, Poosh, which covers similar topics.

They also have a dedicated ‘FAQ’ Instagram highlight to aggregate their Highlights focused on educational content and common questions from customers.

Lemme's customer testimonial Instagram Stories
Lemme's retail promotion on their Instagram Story

They are not afraid to post behind-the-scenes glimpses of their production process, highlighting the purity and freshness of their ingredients. Lemme backs up their scientific claims of effectiveness with user testimonials and before-and-after photos. This not only builds trust among their audience but also provides real-world evidence of the products' impact on customers' lives.

Post promoting their founder, Kourtney Kardashian with the product.

One of Lemme's most engaged with content on their Instagram is from their founder, Kourtney, who’s own journey towards a healthier lifestyle is intertwined with Lemme's message. She often shares personal anecdotes about how Lemme products have benefited her and her family.

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