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These Loyalty Tactics Encourage Fabletics Shoppers to Earn and Use Points

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Skye Skort

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Loyalty programs are an enticing offer to turn one-time customers into returning customers as they promise more and more rewards as customers spend more with your company. 

Fabletics encourages purchasers to become VIP members with the draw of an advanced loyalty program. Besides member discounts on outfits, the Fabletics loyalty program rewards customers with discounts and free outfits when they earn enough loyalty points. 

The program itself is easy to use and understand. Customers can earn rewards for sharing reviews, following the brand on social media, and referring friends to their program. 

Fabletics takes a tiered approach, with additional benefits added at every tier level. 

Glimpses of the Fabletics loyalty program, including reward status, tier benefits, and ways to earn points.

There are multiple ways loyalty members can redeem their points. Loyalty points are always visible, so you can make decisions about redeeming your points while shopping. Customers can either redeem during checkout, or visit the rewards shop within their account to select some of the additional items that are available for different points. 

Loyalty points in the Fabletics loyalty program expire after a certain amount of time, encouraging customers to earn and use their points to receive the most benefits. 

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