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Third Love's High-Converting Mini Cart: Elevating the Bra Shopping Experience

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ThirdLove 24/7® Classic T-Shirt Bra

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Bundle 2, Save $10

Third Love, a size-inclusive direct-to-consumer (DTC) bra and intimates brand, increases their average order value (AOV) through their high-converting mini cart. This mini cart incorporates upsells, a free shipping indicator, and increased discounts whenever the customer adds more products.

ThirdLove's mini cart with a single product added

ThirdLove's mini cart features a free shipping indicator, prominently displayed to incentivize customers to complete their purchase. The indicator is triggered by a minimum cart value, encouraging shoppers to add more items to enjoy the benefit of free shipping. If a customer adds up to four bras, they are eligible to receive $60 off their order.

ThirdLove's mini cart with multiple products added

The core of ThirdLove's high-converting mini cart lies in its strategic upsells. As customers add their items to the cart, the site suggests complementary products or matching sets that perfectly complement their selections. Customers can easily select their size and shade of the bra directly in the mini cart before checking out.

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