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This Toilet Paper Brand Captures Key Data About Their Customer Post-Purchase

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Who Gives A Crap Premium 100% Bamboo Toilet Paper

24 Rolls
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Who Gives A Crap, an eco-friendly toilet paper and bathroom brand, learns more about their customers through a post-purchase quiz in their checkout. 

Who Gives A Crap checkout survey

Once a customer has checked out, they offer an optional quiz with a series of questions to learn more about the customer. They ask customers feedback about why they chose the company and their products including a mix of answers about their product quality and their eco-mission.

Who Gives A Crap customer-specific survey questions

They also collect personal information about the customer such as their birthday, how many people live in their household, and if they have children. 

To better understand who customers are purchasing instead of them, they ask what toilet paper alternative brands their customers use. 

Who Gives A Crap final survey question

To keep the humor that exists in the rest of their brand, they end the quiz with a question about if customers fold or scrunch their toilet paper before use.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of us.whogivesacrap.com