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Unboxing a Greener Future: Inside the World of Dropps' Eco-Conscious Unboxing Surprises

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Dropps Dishwasher Detergent

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Dropps, a laundry and cleaning ecommerce brand offers waste-free, environmentally friendly, cleaning alternatives. Their sustainable mission is seamlessly woven into every aspect of the recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, from the exterior's design to the hidden messages within.

Dropps' exterior box

The exterior of the box features an intricate, branded pattern, which symbolize small drops of water, leaves, and cleaning sparkles. Their tagline  "Powerful cleaning from nature" is featured on the other side of the box with their signature green background.

Dropps interior box illustration

Before the customer opens the box, the bottom of the box outlines the brand's core value propositions with illustrated badges. Phrases like “Vegan & Cruelty Free” “Manufactured in the USA” and “Third Party Tested” serve as reminders that Dropps is about more than just detergent; it's about a holistic approach to sustainability that touches every facet of the product's lifecycle. They also feature their BCorp certification on this panel.

Upon opening the box, a carefully crafted illustration sits on the interior flap of the box with one of their brand mission statements “remaking cleaning for good’. The illustration looks like it's exploding from the detergent pods, celebrating their effectiveness and sustainability.

hidden messages as a reward for recyling

As the customer prepares their box for recycling, hidden messages printed underneath the inner flaps are visible once the box is broken down. The surprise message rewards the customer for recycling and notes that if they didn’t break the box down for recycling they wouldn’t have seen the message.

QR code which directs the customer to the product's PLP to buy again
QR code to website experience

The most effective detail in the unboxing is their re-ordering QR code. Hidden at the bottom, under the small dishwasher pods, the QR code leads the user straight to the product category's shop page, allowing for quick and easy reordering. 

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of dropps.com