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Unboxing the Filtered Shower Head: Jolie Makes Installation a Breeze

What We Bought

The Filtered Showerhead

$148 (with filter subscription)
Date Purchased:
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Jolie Skin Co. is a beauty and wellness brand that sells a shower head and addresses water purity for better skin, hair and total wellbeing.

Outside of the Jolie Skin Co. Filtered Showerhead box

The Jolie Filtered Showerhead is shipped in their branded seafoam green box. The top of the box has the Jolie logo in the center of a dotted pattern reminiscent of the shower head itself. The outside of the box shows the color of the shower head that the customer ordered and a QR code that takes the customer to the homepage of the website.

Letter from the brand and instruction manual

A welcome letter is placed on top welcoming the customer to Jolie, adding a personal touch from the brand. Inside the box - neatly packed in custom inserts and packaging - are all the essential tools needed to install the shower head:

  • “Tiny but Mighty” Wrench
  • “Cutest Tape in the World” plumber’s tape
  • The Jolie Filtered Shower head (w/ Filter already inside)
  • “1-2-3 Install Guide” with instructions
Installation of The Filtered Shower head

The cheeky names for the tools and conversational language in the instructions show that Jolie’s goal is to make the installation process as easy and approachable as possible. The instructions are detailed so that anyone can follow along. They come with expressive illustrations that provide a visual guide. If the customer still has questions, Jolie also provides a QR code that leads to a video of how to install the shower head.

Photo Credit:

Thumbnail photo courtesy of jolieskinco.com