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Unlocking Flavor with immi's PDP and Discover Recipes Quiz

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immi Variety Pack Vol. 1

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immi stands out as an instant ramen brand, offering a unique and health-conscious selection of vegan, protein- and fiber-rich flavors within their variety packs.

immi’s Product Description Page

The company's Product Description Page (PDP) gives customers the option to choose between a 6-pack or 12-pack of ramen and two sets of flavors, all available for one-time purchase and subscriptions. Clear badges and a subscription informational pop-up showcase the cost savings of opting for a 12-pack or subscription. 

Key modules on the immi PDP help drive conversion

Key modules on immi's PDP encourage conversion and build credibility including a mix of celebrity testimonials, press highlights, user-generated content (UGC), and customer reviews. The page also provides a transparent breakdown of ingredients and nutritional facts, positioning Immi against their competition.

Discover Recipes quiz

immi adds a dash of fun to ramen customization by suggesting toppings for each ramen flavor on the PDP. Alternatively, customers can use the Discover Recipes quiz to receive personalized recommendations based on current cravings and dietary preferences.

Ramen Toppings page

For those seeking simplicity, immi's Ramen Toppings page suggests pairings that complement their ramen. Customers can explore specific toppings, delving into their history, flavor profiles, and suggested uses.

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