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Unpacking Calpak’s Secret to Loyal Customer Retention

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Calpak values its customers for their loyalty through its VIT Rewards and Travel Affiliate program. By signing up to their VIT (Very Important Traveler) program, customers receive an instant $5 bonus and earn points for every purchase they make. In completing specific tasks, customers can move up the tiered ladder and apply their points as credit towards future Calpak purchases.

Calpak VIT Point System 

Their VIT point system serves as a checklist with a variety of engaging ways to earn points. Members can earn points by simply following Calpak on social – increasing the brand’s conversion rates on multiple channels.

Calpak Mini Cart Experience

Calpak’s robust cart features a dynamic bar that displays the status of their shipping costs to entice customers to add more items to their cart in order to reach the free shipping threshold. 

Customers have the ability to choose how much of their points they’d like to apply or save for future purchases. Their best-selling products also appear at the bottom of the mini cart as an upsell to increase the customers average order value (AOV).

Calpak Travel Affiliate program

Avid Calpak shoppers have the opportunity to partner with the brand by enrolling in the Travel Affiliate program. If approved, shoppers can become Calpak representatives and receive commission on every order that they refer. Other perks include early access to product launches and exclusive promotions that increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

Referral Program 

But wait, there’s more! To encourage customers to refer Calpak to their friends, the company’s referral program applies $25 off their next order when you send a friend $25 off their first qualifying Calpak order that’s worth $150 or more.

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