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Zojirushi’s Monthly Newsletter Zojirushi 101 is a Masterclass in Customer Engagement

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Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy® Rice Cooker & Warmer

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Japanese manufacturer Zojirushi makes kitchen appliances ranging from rice cookers, to bread makers, and vacuum insulated mugs and bottles. Their philosophy of “Creating a Quality of Life” is shown clearly in their email newsletter, as subscribers are treated to a myriad of sections showing how current and future purchasers of Zojirushi’s different products can use these products to create delicious meals and lasting memories with loved ones.

Each month’s newsletter features a “Kitchen Lab 101” section that highlights recipes users can make using one of Zojirushi’s many easy-to-use kitchen appliances.

Zojirushi’s Kitchen Lab 101 from December ‘22

Next, users are presented the “Cooking 101” section. Past issues of Zojirushi 101 have used this section to tout different sandwiches to make with salt or sugar-free bread, fun ideas for Valentine’s day cooking, or how to make the perfect sushi roll, even when you don’t have the right kind of vinegar. The most recent issue (December ‘22) uses this section to illustrate how to best document recipes so they can be shared with family and friends - a great reminder for the holiday season.

Zojirushi 101’s Cooking 101 Section -  December ‘22

In their December issue, Zojirushi 101 highlighted legacy recipes - recipes that have been passed down through the generations - from their abundant list of main dishes, hot drinks, and treats. Zojirushi is sure to link to the appropriate recipe page when recipes are included here.

Legacy Recipes in Zojirushi 101, December ‘22

In the “Zojirushi Special” section, Zojirushi provides ideas for recipes that users can make with family and friends during the holidays.

Zojirushi Special in Zojirushi 101, December ‘22

Zojirushi uses the “Techtalk 101” section to highlight an aspect of a product or product line users might find interesting. For December, they highlight vacuum insulated travel mugs as gift idea.

TechTalk 101 in Zojirushi 101, December ‘22

At the end of the newsletter, Zojirushi invites readers to fill out a survey for a chance to win a special prize that changes each month!

Zojirushi 101 Subscriber Survey

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