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A Product Page That Packs a Punch: Anyday’s Unique Approach to Storytelling and Commerce

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Anyday Starter Set: Medium Dish Set

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Backed by celebrity chef David Chang, Anyday is a new line of dishes and lids built to make entire meals in the microwave. Their product detail page (PDP) provides an overview of the cookware including how it works, recipes, dimensions, and value props. Anyday’s value props are brought to life with unique illustrations that embrace the company’s fun personality. 

The PDP features.gifs to highlight the product’s features such as the Alright seal, secure lid, and the frosted glass.

Knowing that cooking all meals in the microwave may be a new concept to customers, the product detail page also uses a mix of videos and gifs to show their products in use. 

Anyday's PDP uses a comparison chart to compare the different products. They also feature recipes made for each dish size.

Their comparison chart allows customers to easily compare products to find what’s right for their cooking needs. This includes information about how many people each product serves, the product dimensions, and what the product cooks best.

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Photo courtesy of cookanyday.com