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Building Habits That Stick: Native's Loyalty Program Empowers Customers for Consistent Engagement

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Native, an Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant that is safe, effective, and cruelty free, uses their loyalty program to convert customers to Native lovers. 

Hero of the Loyalty Program

The above shows the difference between the Clean Collective when a user is logged in versus logged out. There are buttons to join or log in if the customer doesn’t have an account or is logged out. If they are logged in they are greeted with a customized hello message and their earned points.

Native's Refer A Friend module on the Loyalty landing page

The landing page for non subscribers includes a how it works section with Join, Earn Points, and Redeem Points. If they are logged in they can not only see their points but redeem their points and see a receipt of their rewards history.

Redeem points screen for logged in vs logged out loyalty member

Customers can earn points for buying products, following them on social, creating an account, going plastic free, and signing up for a subscription. When subscribers share their birthday with Native, they receive a free birthday gift with purchase the month of their birthday. 

Native's points status for logged in vs logged out loyalty member

Subscribers can easily see their rewards status and how far they are from the next tier. The tiers are displayed in cards with the benefits of each tier in each card.

How it Works loyalty module for non-members vs members

To encourage customers to earn for converting friends and family to Native, the Referral program is featured at the bottom of the page. If a customer is logged in they receive a code that’s easily to share with friends in email, text, or social. 

Ways to Earn Points, rewards history, and birthday entry

For customers who have questions about the rewards program, they curate a list of rewards specific FAQ questions.

Native's loyalty FAQ

When a user makes their first purchase, a welcome Loyalty Email is sent celebrating their status, explaining ways to earn more points,  and an outline of how many points equal how many dollars

Native's loyalty status email

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