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Customize Your Scent: How Native's Bundle Builder Delivers Long-Lasting Freshness

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Native's Build Your Pack

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Native is an all-natural deodorant and body brand with clean ingredients. Native increases their customer's Average Order Value (AOV) through their custom bundle builder.

Native's navigation and product detail page.

Their ‘Build Your Pack’ Bundle is featured within their navigation to encourage customers to shop in bulk. They also have a bundle highlight on their single product detail page to encourage customers to add more to their order. The message ‘Can’t pick just one? Bundle & Save 17%’ encourages customers to bundle products and save money.

Native's Build Your Pack bundle builder

When the user lands on the Build Your Pack page, Native clearly shows that the bundle pack includes three products with three products in a sticky top bar with dotted outlines. Native's product categories are presented in an anchor link bar above the page so they can scroll down to the category of product they are most interested in.

Native's Build Your Pack bundle builder flow

As the user adds in different Native scents, the three boxes fill up and transition from dotted outline to solid outline. Once the third scent is added, the Add to Cart button is activated. Until that point, the Add To Cart button stays sticky but is grey to indicate that the user has to add more products.

Native's mini cart and checkout

Once a user adds their bundle to their cart, they see that they are instantly eligible for free shipping via the shipping bar. The bundle is clearly outlined with their selected scents. There is also an cross-sell in the cart for them to increase their AOV through a deodorant mini add-on.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Nativecos.com