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Girlfriend's Recycling Initiative Paves the Way for a Greener Future

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Girlfriend Collective Gift Card

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  • If a brand has a sustainability mission, consider programs that reinforce this mission, such as a recycling program
  • Promote this program to customers and offer an incentive for participating
  • Make it easy for customers to ship things back with a auto-generated shipping label

Girlfriend Collective makes sustainable womens clothing, ethically made from recycled materials. Their garment recycling program, ReGirlfriend powered by Supercircle, makes it easy for their customer to recycle Girlfriend and non-Girlfriend clothing for store credit.

ReGirlfriend's landing page

Girlfriend uses a dedicated landing page to introduce what ReGirlfriend is, how it works, and why participating in this program helps environment. This reinforces Girlfriend's mission of sustainability and Circular fashion, similar to their Girlfriend to Girlfriend upcycling initiative, where users can resell clothes to fellow customers.

ReGirlfriend account dashboard (Logged in state)

When a customer creates a ReGirlfriend account and logs in, they are greeted with the mission and promise of the program: turn in old clothing and earn Girlfriend Collective credit. This includes outlining that the customer will receive $10 for each Girlfriend item, and $5 for each non-Girlfriend item. 

Supercircle promotion within the ReGirlfriend account dashboard

The ReGirlfriend landing page features an overview of how many points of waste the customer has diverted from landfills, points of emission avoided, and items recycled. 

ReGirlfriend Return Items Flow

Once a customer initiates returning their items, they share how many items they plan to return, and receive a pre-paid shipping label from Girlfriend. The page includes guidance around what size package the customer should use to pack up their items, whether that's an envelope or box.

ReGirlfriend Shipping Label

When the package is sent, there is a 'funds pending' label on the credits section of the dashboard. Once the package is confirmed and the items are verified Girlfriend sends an email letting them know that they received a credit to shop at Girlfriend Collective.

To remind customers of this program, Girlfriend sent a seasonal email at the beginning of the spring season to connect their customer’s spring cleaning with this program. This message was also sent as an SMS message to customers who have subscribed to SMS.

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of girlfriend.com