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How Anyday Turns Their Instagram Into a Personal Cooking Class

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Anyday, a new cookware startup, brings educational content to their customers through Instagram so they can explore the cookware, discover recipes, and learn more about the brand.

Anyday’s social feed and Instagram Stories

Anyday leverages their Instagram highlights for their top content categories so customers can easily go back and access content they have previously shared in their stories. Their shopping series pictured above is a helpful guide of what to buy at the grocery store when thinking about how to cook your meals in the microwave.

Anyday’s Instagram story about microwave facts

The company shares engaging, educational content such as microwave facts and tips so customers can take their cooking to the next level. Anyday has a story dedicated to cooking with power levels, teaching customers how lowering the power level number lowers the waves emitted from the microwave to cook the food at a lower rate. Their 'Power Level' Instagram highlight ends with a swipe up, featuring an article on the company’s blog that shares this content in a long form. 

Anyday uses user content in their Instagram Story to highlight their products in use

While Anyday sends customers recipes in their box, they post additional recipe content for customers to be inspired by on their Instagram. To make their recipes even more relatable, Anyday uses content from their community to showcase the finished meals.

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Photo courtesy of cookanyday.com