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How Sustainability is at the Forefront of Pact’s Entire Customer Journey

What We Bought

Pact Stretch Rib Jazz Dress

Date Purchased:
February 1, 2023
Coupons Used:

Pact is an organic clothing and home goods brand with a mission to create sustainable and ethically-made products. The unboxing experience for their products is minimal and sustainable, using quality, recyclable materials. 

Vela bag used to package Pact products

Sustainability is at the forefront of Pact’s products and packaging. The paper bags used to ship their items are not only recyclable, but responsibly made, carbon-neutral, and Forest Stewardship Council certified. Pact encourages customers to learn more about the Vela bags that they use on their Responsible Packaging page. 

Pact’s Responsible Packaging page (left), which links to Vela’s website (middle/right)

Pact partners with Give Back Box, encouraging customers to recycle their unused clothing at no cost. Customers are provided with a shipping label and are invited to reuse their own cardboard boxes to ship the clothing to various charitable organizations in need.

Pact’s Give Back Box page

After completing a purchase, customers receive a recap of the environmental impact of their eco-conscious purchase at the bottom of their emailed receipt. Customers also receive a separate email with a carbon credit certificate showing the amount of their carbon offset and where their impact is made.

Pact customer receipt
Pact carbon credit certificate

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Pact