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Pact Uses Their Website to Show Customers the Environmental Impact of Their Products

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Pact Stretch Rib Jazz Dress

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February 1, 2023
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Pact, an eco-conscious brand selling organic cotton clothing, bedding, and bath linens, uses their website to guide customers through a shopping experience that is good for both people and the planet. The homepage highlights the three main pillars of their sustainability: Certified Organic, Carbon Neutral, and Fair Trade. 

Pillars of sustainability module on Pact’s Homepage

The brand’s Sustainability page, proudly highlighted in their navigation, explains how their organic farming practices require less energy and water in comparison to conventional farming. The page also highlights the other numerous ways in which Pact is environmentally sustainable, including the various certifications and partnerships that support their ability to produce eco-friendly goods with ethical processes.

Pact’s Sustainability page

The Sustainability page tells the story of Pact’s impact across their three pillars of sustainable certification. The unique icons featured for each pillar are also present on the Product Landing Page (PLP), informing customers that each of their products hold these high standards.

Storytelling sections about sustainability on the PDP
Fabric certifications on the PLP

Many brands promote themselves as eco-friendly, but Pact provides proof of this on their Product Description Page (PDP). Each PDP educates customers on where the specific product is made, what materials were used, and reassures customers about the company’s sustainable practices.

Pact's Product Description Page

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Thumbnail photo courtesy of Pact