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The Power of Storytelling: How This Clean Deodorant Brand Drives Conversion Through Authenticity

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Native is a clean all natural deodorant and body care brand so both DTC and in retail stores like CVS and Target.

Native's navigation menu

Users can navigate to the product detail pages from the navigation, where customers are directed to their top product categories including regular deodorant, plastic deodorant, sensitive deodorant, and deodorant spray. 

Native's product detail page and subscription

In the hero of their product page’s hero they lead with reviews and large product imagery. If the product won an award they feature that on the main product card. They have a choose your scent slide out that allows customers to choose the scent based on their preferences: Classic Scent, Limited Edition Scents, and Sensitive Sents. 

Native's scent selector

The buy box on the product detail page provides both a one time purchase and a discounted subscription option with a built-in frequency selector. They push bundling as well if a customer wants to buy more than one product.

Native's product detail page value prop modules

Because the clean, vegan ingredients are the biggest value prop of the brand, there is a dedicated ingredient section on the product detail page that highlights both the value props and the ingredients. The ingredients section includes a title, image and short description of the benefit of the ingredient. If a user wants to see the full ingredient list they can click on ‘See Full Ingredients’ and they can view them all in a pop up.

Native's ingredients slide out

If a customer isn’t sold on the products yet, they continue their product education in the ‘Tell Me More’ section which highlights how their products are different and other key value props.

Native's cross sell and FAQ module

To capture customers before they leave the page, they offer an upsell module with bundles, and key FAQs highlighted from their FAQ page

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