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Your Meals Delivered (Almost): How Anyday Makes Cooking Easy at Home With Your Microwave

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Anyday Starter Set: Medium Dish Set

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Anyday creates microwave cookware that makes cooking meals in the microwave easy. They help guide customers through cooking through their thoughtful unboxing experience.

Images of the Anyday packaging and Quick Start Guide inside of the product

Upon opening the box, Anyday welcomes customers with a branded message ‘go ahead tell ‘em you made it in the microwave’. Inside each dish is a Quick Start Guide filled with helpful illustrations that teach you the basics of how to use the product. 

Anyday printed booklet teaching customers how to cook the basics

Anyday includes five recipe cards per dish as well as a booklet. The booklet illustrates the common cook times for popular foods such as chicken, potatoes, and corn. The booklet also includes functional information about your microwave such as the importance of knowing your power wattage and how to cook with power levels.

Recipe cards and a how to booklet are made specifically for the product customers purchased

Each recipe pack is unique per dish, ensuring that you can make that specific recipe within your dish. The recipes come on a postcard with an inspirational lifestyle image of the meal on the front and the recipe on the back.

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Photo courtesy of cookanyday.com